Two Crazy Green Moons (R rated fairy tale)

Annick had long since left the other faerie girls who played on toad stools, swam in stardust or giggled in the light of green moons. She met and married a decent faerie named Stanwick, and two children later she lived in a small thatched cottage on the edge of the enchanted forest in Oolon. The children had left now and were off to Cantrell at a small school for gifted faeries. Her husband maintained the grounds at a nearby castle and cleaned moats. Annick’s life now was soft, predicable and safe.

Annick was an attractive faerie with delicate ashen, facial features, blond hair, full red lips and large breasts for a faerie. Her pink wings were very shapely and she kept them in shape. When she was young she had many suitors. But that was a long time ago.

“I am off to the annual Foeshar,” her husband announced and left with a little kiss on her cheek.  It was a gathering of male faeries held every year where the men drank, sang dirty limericks and flitted about in the forest. Annick didn’t like her husband going, she knew the men faeries would knock back strong grog, bring in mischievous wizards and create all kinds of debauchery. But it was good to be alone and now she could sleep late, take long baths in stardust again and play her harp as loud as she wanted.

In the twilight there was a knock on her door and it was one of the human workers. It was a young man who had done some work for her husband and he wanted to be paid. Annick said her husband was not there and he would have to come back in the morrow. The young man said he had walked a long way and wanted a glass of water. Annick watched the young man drink the water and felt sorry for him. In must be hungry too as well as thirsty so she asked if he wanted something to eat. He smiled, took off his hat and came in. Annick noticed he was polite and very quiet for a human. Annick liked him and she had no idea why. His demeanor for a human was a little rough, but they were all like that as far as faeries were concerned.

After they ate it was night and the two shimmering green moons came up over the enchanted forest. Annick lit several small lamps and they drank juice made from wild daisies and laughed. He was a funny human.  He did impressions of stupid Orcs trying to open a bottle of milk. He told jokes about the dim-witted wizards who turned themselves into furniture and he sang witty limericks that Annick laughed out loud at. She didn’t know humans could be that funny.

Annick looked at him and suddenly felt afraid, afraid of her feelings for this stranger. Why was that in her mind? Quickly Annick took him outside in the night and it was the worst thing she could have done because both moons were green and full and faeries, especially women fairies, should know better. That made her nervous so she hurried him back inside and lit a fire and that was another thing she should have not done because they both sat on a white bear skin rug and the dancing fire light began to enchant them both. If that was not enough, Annick drank more daisy juice and felt like she was coming under the spell of something she couldn’t quite understand. But her emotions were too strong now and the spirits of the drink fought hard with any commons sense she had to stop them.

She looked at this funny, strange young man and felt he was a good person and knew he would not do her harm. She knew if she asked him to leave he would do so without argument. Again she looked at him in the firelight and she felt both scared and excited. Then she looked out the window and two crazy green moons rose high over the enchanted forest.

They drank some more and he told her of his dreams. Soon he would be going away to school and he was afraid. He wanted to be an artist but his parents saw no future in the arts and wanted him to become a blacksmith. Annick could see he would be a creative and sensitive artist. He put his arm around her and they stared into the fire together. The flames danced in their eyes; the warmth of the fire made her feel relaxed and unafraid.  She took another drink, laughed and looked up at him and then he kissed her. She could feel his hard chest against her and then his hand reached up and touched her breast and she could not stop it. What was she doing a voice said in the back of her spirit filled mind? Tenderly he slid his hand up her top and his hand caressed her bare breast and it was the wildest feeling she had ever had. What should she do?  Should she stop? She couldn’t stop.

He looked at her in the firelight and said softly, “You are very beautiful. I am a lucky to be here with you.” Then he blushed. She had never seen a human blush and it excited her. No human had ever said that to her. Their lips met again and their tongues, like snakes danced in their mouths. She could feel herself getting wet. What was happening?  Was she under some spell? Had he put a love potion in her drink? He slowly unbuttoned her blouse and she could feel the warmth from the fire on her bare breasts. He kissed her breasts and ran his tongue around her hard nipples. Her mind was on fire with desire. Down he went, lower and lower. Kissing her stomach and then rubbing his wet tongue inside her belly button as she giggled like a little faerie girl again.  He gently stroked the inside of her thigh and then ran his tongue up and down the inside of her thighs.  Her body was not hers now. She was possessed by a magic charm! Then she began to moan with each touch of his tongue on her thighs. He gently pulled down her pants and if the joy and ecstasy could not get any stronger his tongue found her most private part, what faerie girls call their private pink, small hill of love. When his tongue touched that most special place, a demon crawled out her mouth and she started to moan. A low deep moan. Had this been inside of her for so many years and she had never let it out? She had never made that sound.

As he used his tongue to excite her, his hands rubbed her breasts and she arched her whole body, yearning, begging for his body to complete the love making.

Finally she said, “Take me. Take me.” Inside her head a small voice said, “Stop! What was she doing?” But she couldn’t stop.

All she could remember, in slow motion in the firelight, was him coming over her and then he entered her and nothing else mattered. She gave it all up to this stranger. Slowly at first he moved in and out and she could feel his long hard cock inside of her. She wanted it deeper and harder and he responded until he was over her driving deep inside of her, grunting with every thrust. Annick knew it must have been a spell because no power, no charm or chant could make her feel this way. He kept pushing harder and harder, she put her legs up over his back to give him more room to go deeper inside of her. Once more, something inside of her yelled, “More! More! More!” And he had more to give her and suddenly her body lost all control and all that mattered was letting go, like she was flying to those green moons, she screamed and her body trembled.  This was the strongest force she had ever felt. “More! More! More!” She felt so good, so utterly, beautifully good. Maybe it would never stop; she didn’t want it to stop. And then this strange man that she barely knew began to scream too like he too was letting out a demon. In the firelight, she felt incredibly alive and it didn’t matter if it was spirits or love potion or whatever. All that matter was her feelings. They both screamed together, Annick grabbed him and their bodies came together. Both exhausted, he fell on her out of breath. He struggled to hold up his weight off of her, but she wanted all of him on her. She wanted to feel this stranger, this human on her.

They lay still on the bearskin rug, in front of the warm fire and she could feel him inside her. His hand gently caressed her breasts. She felt so alive each time he caressed her tender breast. He kissed her again and again and his tongue went deep inside her mouth and she kissed back and suddenly the feeling came roaring back and she could feel herself losing control for the second time. All she wanted was to feel him deep inside her forever. With every stroke her back arched up and she wanted it harder and harder. He was grunting now, using his manhood to satisfy her until for the second time the emotion roared up inside of her and she screamed, scratching his back.  What was this force? No one had ever told her it could to be like this.

Then they lay together, her head on his chest. She could feel his heart beating so fast. What was he feeling? She was afraid to ask. What were her feelings? She was afraid to ask that too. She had no words to explain what had happened.

And then he kissed her softly and looked deeply in her eyes. They laid there until the fire was embers.

In the morning he left and promised to see her again. The next day her husband came home and he said one of the neighbors told him they heard screaming coming from the cottage in the middle of the night. Annick said a spider had scared her.

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