26-14 and 3 (whimsical)

You saw him wandering the pubs on Clancey Street, Dublin. He wore a shiny, soiled gray suit and was a big man with a square jaw, and for the price of a beer he would chinwag all his professional fights. If the bartender saw him coming he’d ring a small bell and all the regulars would roar and the big guy would bob and weave, a big grin on his marked face, all the time people cheering as he shadow boxed down the length of the bar. No one knew his name, most called him 26-14 and 3 for his record as a professional fighter.

Some nights he fought every named heavyweight of the Twentieth Century to including Mohammed Ali, Joe Louis, Jack Dempsey and even Rocky Balboa.  But his fight stories were always exciting and entertaining. The ending to the fight might change, but that was the lure of a 26-14 and 3 fight story.

Then, if on cue, a regular bought him a beer and he’d begin another tale of the sweet science.


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